About the Guardian Program

We use a Guardian Home Program to grow our breeding program while still providing each of our breeding dogs with a loving environment in a guardian family.

By joining our program, you desire to and will act as a guardian for a dog that is either a female potential or proven breeder or a male potential or proven breeder (the dog), subject to the terms of this agreement.

The following will spell out the Guardian Home Program, including our requirements for guardian families while the dog is a part of the breeding program, the obligations we will assume as owner, and how the dog will become a permanent member of your family.

Who Qualifies For A Guardian Dog?

Our main concern is that our dogs go into safe homes where they will be well taken care of and loved as a family member.  They must be with a family that we feel will keep them safe from escaping or from being bred unexpectedly. Our dogs should be part of the guardians’ family – no outside dogs. We also look for people who are experienced dog owners.

Guardian families should live within 1 hour of our home and provide transportation to us when needed. They also must be willing to have us stop by on occasion with notice.

If your family is interested in breeding dogs then this will not be a good fit for you. We are placing dogs in their permanent family home, not in a breeding home.  We do not split litters with Guardian Parents.  This program is for someone who wants to provide a good forever home for our dogs.

How it Works?


A pick of the litter puppy is chosen for you by us at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a puppy. The Guardian family agrees to raise, train, and love the dog through its breeding career. The Guardian becomes the dogs’ family while we retain ownership and breeding rights. In exchange for providing a loving home, ownership will be transferred to the Guardian family at the time the dog is retired from his/her breeding career. Each contract is unique but most females will have 3-4 litters. After we determine that the dog has had her last litter, she will be spayed at our expense and ownership transferred to the Guardian Family as your forever family member. If you’re interested in becoming a Guardian family, please click here for more detailed information and to complete an application.Go to APPLICATION

Are you interested?

The upfront cost is $400.

In order to be considered for the

Guardian Home Program, we require that you:


  • Live within 1 hour of our home in Greenville, South Carolina.
  • Have physical fencing to provide a safe and secure enviroment for the dog. This also protects the dog from any unplanned, unwanted pregnancies and is crucial!
  • Never leave the dog off leash in an unsecured area.
  • Have reliable transportation and willingness to bring the dog to us when needed throughout the year for breeding purposes (testing, breeding, litters, etc.).
  • Maintain open lines of communication with us concerning any matter related to the dog.
  • Keep the guardian dog on whatever food the breeder recommends.
  • Understand that the breeder may need to make decisions about your female or male and you will have to respect those decisions. Examples may include, but are not limited to: keeping the female longer, additional vet care, etc. All decisions will always be for the betterment of the dog.
  • Be aware that we will not place a guardian puppy in a home where there is an intact male or female. Guardian family agrees to not have unaltered animals in the home during the Old Homeplace Doodles ownership period of the guardian dog.